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I purchased RenderMan Pro the other day and got around to installing it over a period of last night. Boy what a struggle to get the Houdini.env sorted out and working!

I also had a trial of Arnold loaded and ended up having to remove it so the RM main menu tab would appear. If it wasn't removed the Arnold menu would show but not RM. It's likely the way the env file was set up (I'm a noob) so will either research it more or look into using json package files instead which will also be a new thing for me. I was only using Arnold for some specific tutorials anyway.

I do have one question for those who have RM 23 installed:

When I add the Shelf tool I see a RenderMan and a RenderMan RIS option. Adding RM shows the toolbar with all the icons. Adding RIS shows nothing. Is that correct? Is RIS not used for RM 23.2? I can't find anything in the current RM wiki docs related to this RM RIS.

Like I mentioned, I'm a new to this so TIA.
Were you able to run it in build 416? The docs list 18.0.391 as the last supported. I get a warning dialog at startup saying renderman could not be loaded probably because it is for the wrong version of renderman.
So far so good running it in b416. There were no errors or warnings when installing RenderMan. There were also no errors during Houdini launch and I am able to place operators without problem. I have not rendered anything yet but that's next step as I get familiar with it. I've been busy demo'ing Arnold & V-Ray for the last few weeks.
renderman is not installed. RIS is actually rendererman tab. the regular renderman comes sidefx, it's always there.

i guess your envr is not setup correclty if you have arnold and vray also installed.
It’s all fine now. Renderers all work in harmony. According to the PRM forum the RIS tab is meant to be removed one day. It’s not used any more.
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