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Full Version: Houdini Engine does not create Layer Infos - UE4
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Hi guys,

I have some problems with Houdini and creating landscape layers - they do not show up or to be more precise, he is not creating any layer info files. In Houdini I separated the material layer creation, to have a better overview of the overall graph. That said, I took the height/mask and piped them with a object merge through the layer creation like you see here:

At the end, I blasted the layers that are not required and merged them with the main graph:

All of the layers does have multiples values and are not flat. The strange thing is, that the layers can be visualized in Houdini.
When I export them with the Houdini Engine, Unreal creates entries in the landscape paint mode, but does not create any layer info to assign these. Well…
After that, I reworked the graph and placed the material layer creation inside the main graph and it works, so it have to be something with the merging. Any idea what's the problem here?

Best regards,
Got it to work … finally. Gosh.
And the problem is, that I used an absolute path in the object merge. In Houdini it works, but when you go outside it obviously does not work.
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