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Full Version: Skinning converter in 18.0 doesn't allow to export fbx
Root » Houdini for Realtime » Skinning converter in 18.0 doesn't allow to export fbx
Stanislav D
Hello! The latest version of the Skinning converter (the one with the skinningconverter_utility) can't be exported as a skinned mesh with Fbx Rop. And in Unity, it opens like a mesh renderer.

It works when you take bonecapture, solidembed and bonecapturebiharmonic out of the skinningconverter_utility. Take a look at the screenshot attached. The left one is working, right one isn't.

I believe it has something to do with how Fbx rop is detecting the skinning.
Stanislav D
Looks like nobody's interested in the bug. Are there any devs here at all?
Maybe there is another forum where I can post a bug report or something? Email? Twitter? Text message? Dove mail?

I must have missed the post, hence the lack of replies from my end.. Sorry about that.
Bug reports should be submitted to to get assigned to a developer for it to get fixed. Please do not rely on the forum for this, since there is no guarantee it will get picked up.. Since that's what the support channels are for

Please send a ticket to the email provided above with a file to test with, and an explanation like you already provided in your post!

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