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Full Version: Veryfiying variables set with HAPI_SetServerEnvString fails
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Hi guys,

We are setting plenty of variables to the out to the thrift named pipe session using
. Then in the HDA I have a simple python code to dump me the environment variables to trace/file when it starts cooking using
and I do not see my variables set there

If I use a json package inside the user dir, I see them there. (This setup is not working for us due to multibranch/multiproject situation).

What am I doing wrong?

from the python docs on os.environ:
This mapping is captured the first time the os module is imported, typically during Python startup as part of processing Changes to the environment made after this time are not reflected in os.environ, except for changes made by modifying os.environ directly.
Oh! I am setting all the variables right after the session is created before I am adding or cooking anything so I did not think this could be an issue. Can you recommend then how to verify all necessary variables are set please?

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