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Is there really no way to rename an attribute in TOPs?

I need to compare values on two array attribs but can't get them to the same work item as they share the same name.
No, you'd have to do an attributecreate and then a attribute delete.
But that's nlt possible w array attribs, right?
Yes, sorry we have an outstanding RFE to improve our array attrib handling. In the meantime you'd have to use a python processor with the following `onGenerate` Callback (assuming your array attrib is called ‘ia’):

# Clone Upstream Items
for upstream_item in upstream_items:
    # This clones all data, output results and keeps the same work item
    # type as in the upstream item
    work_item = item_holder.addWorkItem(cloneResultData=True, preserveType=True,
    work_item.setIntAttrib('ia_copy', work_item.intAttribArray('ia'))
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