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I'm trying to import an RBD (wood fence) in Unreal to be destroyed with Niagara and Blueprint. In Houdini I used a RBDMaterialFracture to create object breaking pieces and I exported the point cache with Niagara ROP node. However, I can't understand how I can export the mesh and make sure that every point of my point cache metches with my mesh pieces. Maybe can I do it with an RBD to Fbx or a vertex animation? Can anyone help me?
Thank you very much!
I think you might be misunderstanding how the different parts fit together. The Niagara ROP is just giving you a point cloud that can be used as the initial position of a particle or as a way to animate a particle. It's not designed to import fractured meshes.

If you want to destroy the wooden fence at runtime, you could export the fractured mesh with RBD to FBX or look at using Chaos directly in UE4.

If you want to simulate the destruction of the wooden fence in Houdini, you can export that using vertex animation textures.
Hi Mike, thank you for your answer. I had seen your video about Niagara ROP [] and I thought it was possible to import fractured meshes in addition to point cloud in Niagara, but I got it wrong! I will follow your precious advice.
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