Hey Guys!

I have been working now on a muscle system in houdini for a while. Muscles were the first thing that caught my attention and drew me into houdini but up until now i was to afraid to give it a shot. So i modelled a character with muscles and a skeleton, but when i try to plug all this stuff into the tissue system it just doesn't work. To clarify some stuff, i am in no means a professional, i am still a student and learning houdini and it's intricate systems by myself, so this setup might deviate heavily from the industry standards. Can anybody help me figure out what i am doing wrong with my setup and how to work correctly with franken muscle and all the components needed for a working tissue system? i have attached an example file with the skeleton and muscle geo. I would be really thankful to get some advice on it. I hope that in the future the muscle system will be worked on a little more, since it's core thought is just awesome.

Here's a wetransfer link https://we.tl/t-TeNLmzQA1w [we.tl] because the file is a little to big for the attachment.

Alternatively here's the link to my odforce post, where you can download the file as well.
https://forums.odforce.net/topic/46054-muscle-rig-frankenmuscle/ [forums.odforce.net]

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