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Full Version: External geometry for hair groom
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I want to use external geometry as guides for my hair groom.

The groom is from another Houdini scene so that should be easy I suspected….

But I tried exporting a guide groom as .geo .iges .obj etc. and pipe it into my “external groom source”, I tried converting the imported geometry to bezier curves, nurbs curves, but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know how to use external geometry as a groom object for hair ? And what's the proper file format to use ?


Whereabouts is the ‘external groom source’ you mention? There are a few options for file caching guides on the top level of the groom nodes - that could be an option for you (it's by the way) if you save from the source file and load that in on the new file.

Might be helpful to know how/where you're inputting the exported geo however.
Hey thanks.

I tried ex- and importing the groom as a “” but that didn't work as well.

I tried importing it into the Guide_Groom ( see attachment )

Your method doesn't work for me either. Instead of ‘groom object’ I used ‘groom file’ and it works fine when I link the geo up directly.
Hey Thanks.

This is weird, no matter what I try, nothing seems to work.

You say “when I link the geo up directly”, what do you mean by that ?

Sorry, I'm a rookie.

No worries! Try this.

See how you go, if this doesn't work then perhaps delete the whole ‘new’ set of hair nodes and make fresh ones - sometimes this fixes unexplained problems (or copy them from your groom-exporter file where I assume they do work).
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