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Hey everyone,

I need little help with PDG. I use Houdini 18.0.518. I would like to run “for-each loop with feedback” with 3 iterations, and perform some operation on input geometry by invoke node, write result on disk on each step. Everything works fine, besides feedback. It seems that instead of using result of previous step(for iterations 2 and 3) it uses input geometry on every step, so at the end I get the same result for all iterations. I made the same setup with H17.5.631 and it works as intended. I will attach scripts for both versions.

On your Feedback Begin block change the “Copy Input Files” parameter from “All Iterations” to “First Iteration”. In both cases the loop will correctly feedback the output files from the previous iteration, however those files appear after the regular upstream input files in the inputs list. You can check that by middle-mouse clicking one of the work items in the feedback begin node.

Also, on the Invoke node you'll need to turn on the “Load Geometry During Cook” toggle. The input geometry for iterations 2 to N doesn't exist until the loop begins to cook. You need that option enabled to tell TOPs not to try to load input geometry when the work items are first generated.
Video Man
Thank you very much! Problem solved)
This totally helped me 2! Just wanted to say thanks <3
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