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Looking forward to seeing all the Houdini entries for this industry wide event.
Yupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Have Fun Peoples
Marzipan with chocolate with glasses Blueberry and A secret FROM MAROCCO
First I heard about this, sounds like another fun challenge. Doing the entire thing procedurally is kinda tricky with something as complex and organic as a cookie, but I gave it a try! (Updated with hopefully more appetizing camera angle. And updated once more with better cracks. I thought of a more realistic way to do it this morning. Still procedural!)
It didn't say that I can't submit old works right? Maybe I'm cheating but hey this is my old cookie!
video []
I honestly didn't think I'd participate, but then I woke up at 4am, and got up thinking it was 5am…daylight savings…ugh.

Here is a simple cookie rendered in mantra
Sandwich cookie !
Cookie entry. Now I just need to learn how to make cookies that I can eat..

Procedural pattern from Substance Designer projected onto a grid in Houdini. Voxelized and noise/fractured then auto low poly and UV's generated, baked, and simulated. Rendered in Blender Cycles.
Hey there! This is my first post here o/ I finished this cookie yesterday but found the time to post just now.
I decided to take this opportunity to finally start learning Houdini, so my setup is pretty basic.
If you have any tip please feel free to share with me I really have no idea about what I'm doing with those nodes D:
My flips& RBD choco-biscuit. 3D model of biscuit has been imported.

late and biscui.
Late to the party, have a cookie.
My cookie top with sprinkles for day 1.
My late entry and only entry for Nodevember, I wish I could have participated more but unfortunately I was a little time poor. Making little setups like this is one of my favorite things.
This setup is fully procedural, the size of the tray, number of cookies, the shape of the cookies and amount of cracks are all adjustable via parameters.
The dough melts and cooks into the classic cookie shape but don't worry they will never touch each other or the sides of the pan.
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