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Full Version: Deadline concurrent tasks for MQ server?
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Is there a reason (i.e. Deadline functionality) that prevents Concurrent Tasks for MQ jobs? Or is only a single MQ server required regardless of the number of jobs? I feel like the 2nd is the reason but wanted to confirm.


Peter B
I have the same question.
What would be the most preferable where it is not possible to use random port assignment? Have a permanently working one MQServer that will serve all the tasks coming to the farm or create its own MQServer for each task?
I am using permanent static MQserver.exe on a windows deadline farm for the past 6 months. suddenly 2 weeks ago, submitting Artist machines are failing to connect to it using the same ip address and ports. All Artist machines fail at the same time and the only solution is to restart the mqserver.
I pinged the ports from artist machines and they seem open, but houdini can't connect without restarting.

I cant find a solution to this since there are barely any forums posts about it.
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