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Movie with sound in atachement to the post

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Day 25, Buzz
I felt like one of these busy guys today haha. More fun modeling in Houdini, I have tons of respect for those of you who do it well! (I ended up with like 90M polys the first convert from VDB whooops)

Bees were made/animated with the bend sop then a vop/copy to points.
Honey is a sim, couldn't think of a way around that, would love any tips.

Leaves are sprites, and its rendered with Redshift.

Moeen Sayed
Hey everyone! I haven't had as much time as I did last year so putting out a daily entry hasn't been possible, but, I wanted to make at least one memorable piece. I've been working on this in my spare time for the last week (sorry if that makes it ineligible). Modelled in Houdini, rigged with KineFX, wings done with vellum and rendered in Redshift.
Mardini day25 Buzz

This idea comes form that in the morning you still feel sleepy and "buzz" in head but you have to get up to work~LOL.

New cartoons style and try more rigging and keyframe animation this time which is the most time-consuming part for this shot. Try to simulate the drunk and flatering feeling of a speely bee struggling to fly.Hope you enjoy it.

Day 25.
the entries so far... simply WOW!

here's mine today.

Huge inspiration comes from Thomas Klyhn Christensen and some Stephen Bester Jazz ( i love how he puts Paul and Luiz into scene!!)
My entry for "Buzz":

The only way I am making it through this month.
Vimeo compression massacred the detail on this video, so I have a still posted as well.
Had to fight with some flickering and fireflies, but was interesting to model a character in houdini and rig it with kinefx.

Mardini Day 25 | BUZZ
Partially fulfilled, but also complete in some ways.

my entry for buzz

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