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Full Version: Landscape tiles output not working for UE5 World Partition
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kelvincai []

Understanding UE5 is still in Early Access, and HE does not support UE5EA officially yet. I have tested outputting Landscape tiles with World Partition at UE5EA.

With unreal_landscape_tile_actor_type = 1 and no unreal_level_path set, it generate one SharedLandscape actor with one StreamingProxy.

ie. with 16x16 tiles, it generates 16x16 SharedLandscape actor and 16x16 StreamingProxy in total.

The behavior is different as it was in UE4 and it looks like it is broken in UE5EA with World Partition

Anyone got UE5 World Partition working?
I'm getting the same issue. No solution found yet.
I don't think this is just a world partition issue, Houdini Engine doesnt appear to be generating landscape streaming proxies at all in UE5, even with world partition turned off. Does anyone have a workaround? This makes Houdini landscapes unusable in UE5.
This seems to be fixed in the H19 ue5EA branch on github. Note the NEW repo location: []
Still not working as of Houdini 19.0.531
I can't get it to work by following the Procedural Desert tutorial.

I'm using Houdini 19.0.589

With World Partition turned on, each tile is an isolated landscape

Anyone else know how to solve it?
This is still an issue as of 19.0.622 and official UE5.0 release. Can anyone from Side FX comment on the status at least so we know if it's on your radar?
Having issues with 19.0.622 as well. Using Houdini landscapes in a level with world partition enabled causes crash on save, crash on bake, etc. Consistently. Have to make a non world partition level to use it. Unfortunate.
Fwiw it does seem to work by first baking out the tiles in a non world partition level, then deleting the HDA from there and converting it to a world partition level.
Any response from devs ? Any solutions ?
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