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Full Version: Ropes / Grass into UE4
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Looking for a starting point and advice on how to do some physics for ropes and grass blowing based on this video. []

pick up mark 1:25-1:45 drop mark 3:00-3:32

This has to get into the Unreal Engine. So once completed is this an alembic export or do I do this with a HDA?

Hi Alexmont,
For the sling animation you could use a vellum simulation and then export the vellum simulation as an Alembic. Inside Unreal, set the Import Type to Skeletal, Base Calculation Type to No Compression and depending on your preferences, Hard Edge Angle Threshold to 0,1. In the Conversion area, set the scale to 100 -100 100.

Edit - For the grass, I would do that in Unreal and not Houdini.

Thanks Glen! Ill give that a shot tomorrow for the sling animation.
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