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I am using a range generate node to expand frames and eventually render them, the custom option of range generate accepts either a single frame number ie. 1001 or a range ie. 1001-1100, but it does not accept to generate multiple specific frames. I would like to be able to generate frame items which have more complex pattern, something like: 1001,1003,1004,1006-1011,1020-1030x2, etc..
can you please indicate me the way to achieve a more customizable range generation? is any specific node or a specific syntax for this?

The Range Generate node supports that in Houdini 19.0 -- it was also backported to H18.5, and should be available from builds 18.5.514 and newer.

You can change the range type to "Custom Range", and then use a pattern to specify the frame range. For example 1001 1003 1004 1006-1011 1020-1030:2, using your example.
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