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Full Version: Ropfetch cooks workitems twice rewriting their results.
Root » PDG/TOPs » Ropfetch cooks workitems twice rewriting their results.
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Hi, I'm wedging attributes to generate geo in SOPs and then output it into files via ropfetch in TOPs.
The problem is, that some workitems cook twice, rewriting their output, thus wasting processing time and my nerves.
The file output name is taken from a unique ID attribute on each workitem.

It seems that an HDA I'm using causes the trouble - When I remove it from the SOP chain, those "bad" workitems stop cooking twice.
HOWEVER, the HDA itself does not use the wedges or any attributes coming from TOPs, and in a clean setup it doesn't cook twice.

One more complication is that it happens on random workitems.

How is it possible to debug the issue and get rid of it? Any hints on why does this happen?
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Seems that I localized the problem. Inside the HDA there's a dopnet with some sim. When I disable the dopnet workitems stop duplicating in TOPs.

The weirdest thing is that the same HDA is used for all workitems, and only some of them duplicate.

How can I fix this?
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Not sure about the solver, probably has nothing to do with the issue. Anyone?
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This thing starts to melt my brain, workitems are not just doubling their cooks, but actually they cook random amount of times rewriting the results. I'm close to become desperate
Please attach a .hip file that demonstrates the issue -- its hard to tell what's going on without one.
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