Hello, back in 2018, I had two computers and HQueue set up for distributed rendering. I used the HQueue Render ROP. A lot of things have changed since then and now I'm lost, what the possibilities are today. I am an Indie user.

I am aiming for fast preview lowres renders of an animation(few seconds/frame), quite simple motion graphics, no heavy geo or textures. I don't need to distribute one frame to multiple machines, there are many frames.

  • even though I don't need variants of render, PDG is the way to go, am I right?
  • can I have a "running and ready" instance of Houdini/Husk on the second computer, to eliminate the time needed for it to start?
  • how should I optimize the creation of USD file? I believe that only one computer should generate the USD?

Thanks a lot for any answers, tips or links.

Best regards,