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Full Version: Warning: Invalid TWeakObjectPtr in Details:
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Whenever I bring in a hda i get the following warning

"LogHoudiniEngineEditor: Warning: Invalid TWeakObjectPtr in Details: C:\cygwin\home\prisms\builder-new\Nightly19.0CMake\dev\engine\unreal\4.27\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\HoudiniEngine\Source\HoudiniEngineEditor\Private\HoudiniParameterDetails.cpp:4135"

When I try to bring in an asset that uses pdg it always fails with:

"LogHoudiniEngine: Warning: : Could not find matching TOPNode for event HAPI_PDG_EVENT_SCHEDULER_ADDED, workitem id -1, node id -1"

Since I can't find any other mention of this issue on the forum or really anywhere I'm totally stuck on what to do. I'm on the latest production build and the latest houdini engine version 19.0.622

P.S. I also tried the procedural desert hda and that failed in the same way
Got the same thing in 561
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