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Full Version: csv attribute list not updating per work item
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Hi! I'm trying to generate a csv list based on attributes that change per work item. I'm able to successfully generate the list by assigning primitive attributes, and then using those to generate the list (I've also tried promoting these to detail attributes, but there is no difference), but the list stays the same for all the work items instead of updating for each one.

I've looked through several closely asked topics, but I haven't found a solution. I have checked the "evaluate with work item attributes" box, but that didn't change anything. It feels so close though!

I'm sure there is a checkbox or something I'm missing. I've attached a stripped down example file to show basically what I'm trying to do. Please help - any suggestions would be very appreciated.
The wedge method you're using is not working for some reason. You're using the 'push' method, where tops will adjust values for you. Most setups I've seen use the 'pull' method, where you set an expression on the thing you want to drive.

Here I turned off 'target parameter' on the wedge rop, then went to your controller null and typed @SEED into the parm.

When that's done I can click workitems to get a preview in the viewport of whats happening, and the csv's output correctly.

I could only get the push method to update the viewport when 'overwrite target parameter on work item selection' was active, but then it would ONLY work when the wedge top worktiems were selected, and fail to work for downstream nodes.

I attached an updated hip.
you ser, are a hero -- this completely works perfectly, thank you so much!
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