I'm working with a world generation pipeline in PDG so mostly passing heightfields and point clouds between my nodes. I'm trying to move away from packing everything up in to HDAs as I've done in the past, and do some more simple things straight in PDG.

I want to import my heightfield layers to a COP2 network, pass that to a Substance Designer Archive and write it's output to disc.

Question, what's the most straightforward way to pass bgeo data to a COP2 network in PDG? In the example file for ROP Composite Output node @pdg_input in a COP2 file node, bringing in a image type file. Since I'm working with geometry as my source, I tried to create a SOP network inside of the COP2 network and then passing that to a SOP Import in COP2. It cooks fine in the network, but fails when I try to run it from PDG.