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Full Version: Additional geometry input from a SOP into HDA processor TOP
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Hi all, I am trying to make a multiple building generator with PDG. I am successfully generating buildings from a set of base shapes I have modeled. I am using geometry import for those, then for each box I do a HDA processor.
However my HDA has "Collision geometry" input (path to sop), to test if there is another building nearby to add windows or plain wall. I feed all my buildings' base shapes and it works OK in SOP level.
However this does not work on my HDA processor node.
I've read there should be a file cached for something like that but I just can't get it working. How would I do that? I am attaching an image of how I have it set-up. Thanks for any tips
Solved this by adding a node "Import Geometry" into my TOP network, importing from SOP and saving to disk, then I added a file path parameter to my HDA and used it for File node inside the HDA and it worked.
Takeaway: either gotta save everything to file or input from previous node before using in HDA processor

Not sure if this is the way to go tho
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