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Full Version: Q/RFE: Easier/more procedural Scheduler selection
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This is likely more of an RFE but just in case I'm missing something:

I regularly (i.e. all my TOPs networks) need to offer the user a Local render or a Deadline render option. This is further complicated by the fact that due to the way Deadline groups work, I need to have multiple (at least 2, sometimes more) Deadline schedulers assigned per-TOP node as certain work items can only be run in specific Deadline groups.

Local scheduler is easy, I just assign it to the whole TOPnet.

Things get ugly when I get to the Deadline schedulers though. With some Python I switch to a default Deadline scheduler on the TOPnet (essentially toggling between Local and a default Deadline scheduler).

However, the jank starts to build when I need to then effectively override the default Deadline scheduler on a per-node basis, with a spare parm required since every "Override Scheduler" parm contains Python that chooses either nothing (for Local) or the Deadline override scheduler, specified in the spare parm. Whew, that is painful to write, let alone implement

Q: Am I missing a better way?

RFE: Schedulers as nodes (with Switch nodes etc) that can wire into the "side" of every relevant TOP. Or something like that.

I'm using 18.5.596 but the RFE of course would be for a future version.


Peter B
Hmm, I just thought: Is there a way to add attributes or parms to a TOP node that would override the Deadline group without needing a unique Deadline Scheduler node? Then I could just switch Local to a single default Deadline Scheduler, and override per node as needed...
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