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Hi all, I'm trying to someway automate the assignation of pre made thumbnails for assets in OD tools Asset Library using TOPs.

The idea is to first get filenames of the assets and corresponding .jpg preview filenames. Then we could write a list to a .csv or .txt file and parsed in Asset Library to assing the preview thumb to each asset.

By now I came to a working system but with one big problem I can't work around: The .csv file only outputs the last entry because it gets overwritten on each cooked item. So the question is: How to make the csv exporter writes each item attribute in a new row instead of rewritting always the first one?

I attach a file with what I've done so far.
Your file isn't attached.
Had a quick look, the help says "If the node generates from a partition which contains 10 work items, the CSV file will contain 10 rows."

Added a partition by node before the csv output, it writes each workitem out to its own row.
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