I'm using PDG to batch process large numbers of maya scenes (exporting alembic caches).
I'm trying to find a good way to limit the number of parallel Maya session work items, as each can be quite heavy.
So far, the only way I can limit this is by turning on 'Session count from Upstream Items' in the Maya Server Begin Top Node. This will limit it to one single session at a time, which is too low - I want to limit it to 4 or 5 in parallel.
I can do this by creating several chains but this is definitely a extremely ugly!

I'm sure there must be a way to control how many sessions can run in parallel by adjusting the Local Scheduler properties? I've tried limiting the Total Slots attribute to 4, but this does not work. I've also tried limiting the 'Houdini Max Threads' parameter. I still get a huge number of maya sessions running in parallel though. Any advice much appreciated!