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Full Version: How to export an FBX for each work item of a HDA Processor?
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Hello I am currently using a file pattern node to sequence through textures in a folder that get fed into a HDA processor node to generate a mesh from them. I am currently stuck trying to automatically export each work item output of the HDA processor as an FBX.

I was able to use a fetch node pointing to an FBX output within the HDA itself, though it seems to export the first mesh in the sequence for each work item of the HDA processor in TOPS, resulting in duplicates of the first work item.

Connecting the HDA Processor output directly to an FBX Output node in TOPS results in empty FBX files.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


VP Lead at ProxiVP
Hey Garth

FBX exports can be tricky. I've also not been able to use the TOP's FBX output node successfully. What I've done to get FBX exports working is to create an obj network and a rop network, create a geo container in the obj network and then drop in a file sop inside. I point the file SOP to the output of the HDA processor (you will likely need to save an intermediary file to disk, which can be loaded by the file SOP). In the rop network create an FBX export ROP and point it to the geo container in the obj network. Inside TOP's use a ROP fetch to fetch the FBX ROP in the top network. This workflow works for me every time.

Hopefully this helps!
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