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Full Version: Topnet freezes before cooking
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Hi, I have been working on an HDA that find images in set folder structure, matches it to a csv and generates a pdf from images i export through a ropCop in Topnet. This has been working really great, until this week. I'm trying to think what has changed, and the only thing is that I'm currently working on updating the folder structure and the csv. And based on that work, I can't see what could be causing the freezing.

I am also running Houdini and the project of the same SSD to eliminate the read/write speed etc.

I have gone ahead and updated Houdini to latest production build in hops that it would fix it, but seems to still be the same issue.

When I go inside the node, and walk through each node and cook it, then there is no issues. However when I run the HDA, Houdini freezes and it can take up to 15 min before it even starts cooking.

When it finally "unfreezes" it cooks like normal, but it takes FOREVER to start.

I have not been able to identify which node, or python module that might be causing this. In my effort to see what's happening, I have used the performance monitor to see if I can find the nodes that takes the longest to process. I've also pad attention to the task manager, but Houdini is practically using no resources until it starts cooking.

Do you guys have any suggestions to how I can troubleshoot further? Is there a log, or something I can run in order to troubleshoot?


send at least a picture of your network, please. It's hard to find the solution without further understanding what's happening.
Johan Boekhoven
How do you start the PDG process? Do you start it with python? I've noticed that when you cook it with python the settings are important, it can freeze the UI for the whole graph to cook, it does run it correctly but no UI feedback.
So rather late reply on myside, missed the notifications.. However, I didn't figure out what happened, but I have changed my setup to be mostly python now instead of a lot of Houdini nodes, which seems to have helped the processes a lot. And I can confirm that I have noticed the same behaviour as Johan mentioned.

Thanks for the quick reply even though my repay was beyond late
Johan Boekhoven
Same here, I've been moving out lot's of my setup to "pure" python. Better debugging and stability all around. It was great for prototyping, but less for debugging and scaling.
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