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Hi there!

I have multiple folders with geo and textures that I am trying to process and then save the source files while renaming them.
The other DCC puts out the same geo and texture names in folders, which are named according to the asset name.

I have so far succeeded with grabbing the geo and textures from the same folder, creating attributes from it, processing the geo, creating a material from it and then saving the processed geo into another folder and copying the textures into a subfolder in the newly created asset folder.
As you see in the pic, I am taking the geo and the textures from the folder, then partition them and then process them according to the partition. In this test I have 4 assets, each containing one geo and 10 maps.

This works for the file copy node, which copies all the textures for each asset in the respective folder.

But I can't figure out how to rename the texture files on the way to the new folder, no matter what I try, it only grabs the first entry and renames only the first item. As you see the image, there are 11 inputs but only one output.

Is there another way to do this, ideally without copying them first? Like, renaming them before the copy process happens? The filecopy node lacks an option to do this.
My guess is because you have partitioned the files together that the rename is only renaming the first one. I doubt it's designed to handle the files in the partition. You likely need to expand the partition first before doing the rename operation.
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