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Full Version: Bake Texture and TOP, no output
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I need to bake textures including lighting for 40 models (low and high). I set up the low and high geometries and created the ROP Network with the baketexture node inside. I built a PDG graph to read the previously exported low-resolution models and call the bake texture with an ROP Fetch. However, I always get Warning No output path parameters found on target ROP node message, and although the files are created during the process, when the task finishes, the file disappears.

I also tried adding a custom output path, but without success

I'd appreciate any help guys.
Can you attach a .hip file demonstrating the issue you're seeing? The Bake Texture ROP cooks as expected for me, and lists output files on the work item.

The warning occurs because PDG needs to be able to determine the work item's output paths before cooking, and the Bake Texture ROP doesn't follow the standard output parameter naming conventions. You can either specify a custom path list or add vm_uvoutputpicture# as a custom output parm.
It'd be hard to give the hip file, it's an ecosystem depending hugely on external files.

However, I tried the attribute, and the behavior is the same
The file is created, then it's deleted

This is the error message on the cooked workitem:
WARNING: Work item lists file 'E:/Projects/Olimpia 2024/USD/12.18.001_diffuse.png' as an expected output file, but it wasn't found when the item cooked

This is what the generated workitem displays Expected Output E:/Projects/Olimpia 2024/USD/12.18.002_diffuse.png

So your suggestion works, but for some reason, the file is deleted
OK, the issue was the dot ('.') in the filenames....
PDG can't parse the special path tokens used by the bake texture node when determining expected outputs for the work item. If your bake texture output path has tokens like %(CHANNEL) or %(UDIM) then there's going to be a mis-match between the expected files on the work item, and the output files actually produced when the ROP cooks. That'll cause the message you're seeing -- it's a warning though, not an error. It just means that caching won't work because PDG can't tell what the outputs are ahead of time before it cooks the ROP.

When you say the file is created and then deleted, do you mean the texture file on disk itself is deleted?
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