Houdini 17.5 Reference Stand-alone utilities


Generates a lookup table (LUT) from standard channel formats or another LUT.

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ilut [-a] [-l type] [-d format] [-p white black] [-f in_start in_end] [-t out_start out_end] input_file lut_file



Specifies the type of LUT.

R, G, B or A

1 LUT for the specified channel.


3 LUTs, 1 each for R, G and B.


4 LUTs, 1 each for R, G, B and A.


1 LUT for all of R, G and B.


1 LUT for all of R, G, B and A. (default)


Autodetect the type of LUT based on the # of channels.


The format of the LUT: i8, i16, i32 or f32.


Specifies the black/white points of the format.


The 'from' range of the LUT data (default 0 to 1).


The 'to' range of the LUT data (default 0 to 1).


ilut takes a channel file and converts it into a lookup table suitable for displaying images. A lookup table (LUT) transforms one colorspace to another. It can also be used to convert one LUT file to another type (such as .lut to .blut).

Common channel formats include .clip, .bclip, .chan and .chn. Common LUT formats include .lut, .blut, and .idx. When converting a LUT file to another LUT format, all the command line options are ignored; they are only required to fill in the missing information when converting from a channel file.

The filename can also be one of the following symbolic names.


Create an sRGB LUT.


Create an REC709 LUT.


Create a LUT with gamma of # (ie, gamma=2.2).

Stand-alone utilities

  • abcconvert

    Convert between Alembic formats.

  • abcecho

    Print information about an Alembic file.

  • abcinfo

    Print information about an Alembic file.

  • chchan

    Copies channel collection to/from action channel format.

  • chcp

    Copies channel collection file to another format.

  • chinfo

    Prints information about a channel collection file.

  • claudio

    Copies CHOP data (clip) to/from audio formats.

  • clchan

    Copies CHOP data (clip) to/from action channel format.

  • clchn

    Copies CHOP data (clip) to/from channel collection format.

  • clcp

    Copies CHOP data (clip) to another format.

  • clinfo

    Prints information about a CHOP data (clip) file.

  • dsmconvert

  • dsmmerge

  • dsparse

    Parses and displays dialog scripts.

  • gabc

    Convert between Alembic and Houdini geometry.

  • gconvert

    Convert between Houdini polygon formats.

  • gdxf

    Converts DXF polygons to/from Houdini format.

  • geps

    Converts EPS files to Houdini polygon format.

  • giges

  • ginfo

    Prints polygon file statistics.

  • glightwave

    Converts LightWave files to/from Houdini format.

  • gplay

    Geometry viewer.

  • gptex

    Makes a ptexture image file from a geometry file.

  • greduce

    Reduces polygons in a file.

  • gwavefront

    Converts .obj files to/from Houdini format.

  • hbrickmap

    Converts an i3d file or volume primitive geo/bgeo file into a Pixar brickmap file.

  • hcollapse

    Collapses a directory structure.

  • hcpio

  • hexpand

    Expands hip files into a directory structure.

  • hrender

  • hsc

  • hscript

    Command line HScript interpreter.

  • i3dconvert

  • iautocrop

    Crops images based on pixel values.

  • icineon

    Convert images from 10-bit Cineon format to an 8 bit format.

  • icomposite

  • iconvert

    Converts image formats.

  • icp

    Isolate a region of an image in a new image.

  • iflip - Flip Image

  • iinfo

    Outputs information about an image.

  • ilut

    Generates a lookup table (LUT) from standard channel formats or another LUT.

  • ilutcomp

    Generates a single lookup table (LUT) from from two LUTs.

  • ilutinfo

    Prints information about a lookup table (LUT) file.

  • imdisplay

    Sends an image to an mdisplay window.

  • iprint

    Prints the RGBA values for an image as text.

  • iquantize

    Reduces the number of colors in an image.

  • isixpack

    Generates an environment/reflection map from six images representing the six sides of a cube, or a cross image.

  • itilestitch

    Assemble a series of image files with crop windows into a single image.

  • izg

    Converts Z-depth images to 8-bit grayscale images.

  • mcacclaim

    Converts an Acclaim motion file to a Houdini script and channel file(s).

  • mcbiovision

    Converts a BioVision motion file to a Houdini script and channel file(s).

  • mcmotanal

    Converts a Motion Analysis TRC motion file to a Houdini script and channel file(s).

  • mcp

    Convert an image sequence to a movie file.

  • minfo

    Prints information about movie files.

  • siminfo

    Prints simulation cache file statistics.

  • spy

    Shell utility for navigating the UNIX filesystem.

  • vexcache

    Query or modify the VEX compile cache.

  • vexexec

    Execute a cvex shader.