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CE_Context.h File Reference
#include "CE_API.h"
#include "CE_Tracing.h"
#include <UT/UT_Array.h>
#include <UT/UT_Error.h>
#include <UT/UT_Map.h>
#include <UT/UT_NonCopyable.h>
#include <UT/UT_StringMap.h>
#include <SYS/SYS_Types.h>
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class  CE_DelayedOGLBindBuffer
class  CE_Context
struct  CE_Context::DeviceDescriptor
struct  CE_Context::KernelInfo


typedef void(* CE_ErrorCB )(const char *errmsg, UT_ErrorSeverity severity, void *data)


CE_API cl_int ce_enqueueKernel (const cl::CommandQueue &queue, const cl::Kernel &kernel, const cl::NDRange &offset, const cl::NDRange &global, const cl::NDRange &local, const std::vector< cl::Event > *events, cl::Event *event)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* CE_ErrorCB)(const char *errmsg, UT_ErrorSeverity severity, void *data)

Definition at line 29 of file CE_Context.h.

Function Documentation

CE_API cl_int ce_enqueueKernel ( const cl::CommandQueue queue,
const cl::Kernel kernel,
const cl::NDRange offset,
const cl::NDRange global,
const cl::NDRange local,
const std::vector< cl::Event > *  events,
cl::Event event