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CVEX_Data.h File Reference
#include "CVEX_API.h"
#include "CVEX_Value.h"
#include <VEX/VEX_PodTypes.h>
#include <UT/UT_NonCopyable.h>
#include <UT/UT_PackedArrayOfArrays.h>
#include <UT/UT_StringMap.h>
#include <UT/UT_UniquePtr.h>
#include <UT/UT_Vector.h>
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class  CVEX_Data
class  CVEX_InOutData
class  CVEX_DataType< PREC >
 Precision-dependent types of CVEX data. More...
class  CVEX_DataBinder< PREC >
class  CVEX_DataRetriever< PREC >




using CVEX_DataBinder32 = CVEX_DataBinder< VEX_32 >
using CVEX_DataBinder64 = CVEX_DataBinder< VEX_64 >
using CVEX_DataRetriever32 = CVEX_DataRetriever< VEX_32 >
using CVEX_DataRetriever64 = CVEX_DataRetriever< VEX_64 >

Macro Definition Documentation

using Int = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Int; \
using Float = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Float; \
using String = UT_StringHolder; \
using Dict = UT_OptionsHolder; \
using Vec2 = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Vec2; \
using Vec3 = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Vec3; \
using Vec4 = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Vec4; \
using Mat2 = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Mat2; \
using Mat3 = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Mat3; \
using Mat4 = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Mat4; \
using Quat = typename CVEX_DataType<PREC>::Quat; \
VEXvec2< PREC > Vec2
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:206
Definition: ImathVec.h:32
Definition: ImathQuat.h:42
VEXvec4< PREC > Vec4
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:208
VEXmat3< PREC > Mat3
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:210
VEXvec3< PREC > Vec3
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:207
VEXint< PREC > Int
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:204
VEXfloat< PREC > Float
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:205
VEXquaternion< PREC > Quat
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:212
VEXmat2< PREC > Mat2
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:209
Definition: ImathVec.h:31
Definition: ImathVec.h:33
VEXmat4< PREC > Mat4
Definition: CVEX_Data.h:211

Definition at line 215 of file CVEX_Data.h.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 377 of file CVEX_Data.h.

Definition at line 378 of file CVEX_Data.h.

Definition at line 500 of file CVEX_Data.h.

Definition at line 501 of file CVEX_Data.h.