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GEO_Rewire.h File Reference
#include "GEO_API.h"
#include <GA/GA_Handle.h>
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#define __GEO_Rewire__


void GEO_API GEOrewireVertices (GEO_Detail &detail, const GA_RWHandleT< exint > &rewire_to, const GA_Group *group=nullptr, bool rewire_points_recursively=false, bool keep_unused_points=false, UT_WorkBuffer *warnings=nullptr)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __GEO_Rewire__

Definition at line 14 of file GEO_Rewire.h.

Function Documentation

void GEO_API GEOrewireVertices ( GEO_Detail detail,
const GA_RWHandleT< exint > &  rewire_to,
const GA_Group group = nullptr,
bool  rewire_points_recursively = false,
bool  keep_unused_points = false,
UT_WorkBuffer warnings = nullptr 

Rewires vertices in group to the point indices specified by rewire_to. rewire_to can be a vertex, point, or primitive attribute. group can be a point, primitive, vertex, or edge group, and it will be expanded based on the owner of rewire_to.