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GEO_Transform.h File Reference
#include "GEO_API.h"
#include <GA/GA_AttributeTransformer.h>
#include <GA/GA_Names.h>
#include "GEO_Delta.h"
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struct  GEO_Tolerance< T >
struct  GEO_Tolerance< fpreal32 >
struct  GEO_Tolerance< fpreal64 >


bool GEO_API GEOgetAttributeList (const GA_AttributeDict &dict, UT_Array< GA_RWHandleV3 > &attribs, UT_Array< GA_RWHandleV3D > &doubleattribs, UT_Array< GA_RWHandleM4 > &m4attribs, UT_Array< GA_RWHandleM4D > &m4dattribs, const char *attribpattern)
int GEO_API GEOcomputeSymmetrySide (const GEO_Detail::SoftSymmetryParms &symmetry, const UT_Vector3 &pos)
void GEO_API GEOxformElement (const GA_AttributeTransformer &attribs, GA_Offset offset, GA_AttributeOwner owner, GA_AttributeTransformer::Transform< fpreal32 > &ctx32, GA_AttributeTransformer::Transform< fpreal64 > &ctx64, bool just_P, int keep_length, GEO_Delta *geodelta, const char *attribpattern=NULL)
int GEO_API GEOcomputeSoftXform (float dist2, const GEO_Detail::LocalXformContextF *local, const UT_XformOrder &order, float tx, float ty, float tz, float rx, float ry, float rz, float sx, float sy, float sz, float s_xy, float s_xz, float s_yz, float px, float py, float pz, float prx, float pry, float prz, const GEO_Rolloff *rolloff, UT_Matrix4 &matx, float *falloff)
template<typename T >
T GEO_API GEOconditionScale (T f)
void GEO_API GEOgetFloatOrDoubleP (GEO_Detail &detail, GA_RWHandleV3 &floatp, GA_RWHandleV3D &doublep)
void GEO_API GEOupdatePointNormals (GEO_Detail &gdp, GEO_Delta *geodelta)

Function Documentation

int GEO_API GEOcomputeSoftXform ( float  dist2,
const GEO_Detail::LocalXformContextF local,
const UT_XformOrder order,
float  tx,
float  ty,
float  tz,
float  rx,
float  ry,
float  rz,
float  sx,
float  sy,
float  sz,
float  s_xy,
float  s_xz,
float  s_yz,
float  px,
float  py,
float  pz,
float  prx,
float  pry,
float  prz,
const GEO_Rolloff rolloff,
UT_Matrix4 matx,
float falloff 
int GEO_API GEOcomputeSymmetrySide ( const GEO_Detail::SoftSymmetryParms symmetry,
const UT_Vector3 pos 
template<typename T >
T GEO_API GEOconditionScale ( f)

Definition at line 114 of file GEO_Transform.h.

bool GEO_API GEOgetAttributeList ( const GA_AttributeDict dict,
UT_Array< GA_RWHandleV3 > &  attribs,
UT_Array< GA_RWHandleV3D > &  doubleattribs,
UT_Array< GA_RWHandleM4 > &  m4attribs,
UT_Array< GA_RWHandleM4D > &  m4dattribs,
const char *  attribpattern 
void GEO_API GEOgetFloatOrDoubleP ( GEO_Detail detail,
GA_RWHandleV3 floatp,
GA_RWHandleV3D doublep 
void GEO_API GEOupdatePointNormals ( GEO_Detail gdp,
GEO_Delta geodelta 
void GEO_API GEOxformElement ( const GA_AttributeTransformer attribs,
GA_Offset  offset,
GA_AttributeOwner  owner,
GA_AttributeTransformer::Transform< fpreal32 > &  ctx32,
GA_AttributeTransformer::Transform< fpreal64 > &  ctx64,
bool  just_P,
int  keep_length,
GEO_Delta geodelta,
const char *  attribpattern = NULL 

Definition at line 37 of file GEO_Transform.h.