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IMG_AddMetaData.h File Reference
#include "IMG_API.h"
#include <SYS/SYS_Types.h>
#include <iosfwd>
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class  UT_Rect< T >
 Base Integer Rectangle class. More...


#define __IMG_DataWindow__


typedef UT_Rect< UT_DimRectImpl > UT_DimRect
 Integer rectangle class which stores its data as (x, y, width, height). More...


bool IMG_API IMGfindDataWindow (IMG_File *file, UT_DimRect &datawindow, fpreal thresholdvalue=0.0, std::ostream *error_stream=NULL)
bool IMG_API IMGfindAndSetDataWindow (const char *input_filename, const char *output_filename=NULL, fpreal render_time=-1, int64 render_memory=0, bool compute_data_window=true, int pad=0, bool crop_to_window=false, bool crop_to_window_if_unsupported=false, const char *src_planes="C A", fpreal threshold_value=0.0, bool skip_if_window_not_needed=false, std::ostream *error_stream=NULL, std::ostream *output_stream=NULL, bool info_only=false, UT_Options *extra_opt=NULL)
 Returns true if it succeeded and false otherwise. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define __IMG_DataWindow__

Definition at line 15 of file IMG_AddMetaData.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef UT_Rect< UT_DimRectImpl > UT_DimRect

Integer rectangle class which stores its data as (x, y, width, height).

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Definition at line 23 of file IMG_AddMetaData.h.

Function Documentation

bool IMG_API IMGfindAndSetDataWindow ( const char *  input_filename,
const char *  output_filename = NULL,
fpreal  render_time = -1,
int64  render_memory = 0,
bool  compute_data_window = true,
int  pad = 0,
bool  crop_to_window = false,
bool  crop_to_window_if_unsupported = false,
const char *  src_planes = "C A",
fpreal  threshold_value = 0.0,
bool  skip_if_window_not_needed = false,
std::ostream *  error_stream = NULL,
std::ostream *  output_stream = NULL,
bool  info_only = false,
UT_Options extra_opt = NULL 

Returns true if it succeeded and false otherwise.

bool IMG_API IMGfindDataWindow ( IMG_File *  file,
UT_DimRect datawindow,
fpreal  thresholdvalue = 0.0,
std::ostream *  error_stream = NULL 

Finds the window of data above the thresholdvalue in the specified file. Returns true if the window is less than the full image rectangle. NOTE: The only reason the IMG_File is non-const is because of IMG_File::read being non-const.