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IndexIterator.h File Reference

Index Iterators. More...

#include <openvdb/version.h>
#include <openvdb/Types.h>
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class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::NullFilter
 A no-op filter that can be used when iterating over all indices. More...
class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::ValueVoxelCIter
 A forward iterator over array indices in a single voxel. More...
struct  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::ValueVoxelCIter::Parent
class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::IndexIter< IteratorT, FilterT >
 A forward iterator over array indices with filtering IteratorT can be either IndexIter or ValueIndexIter (or some custom index iterator) FilterT should be a struct or class with a valid() method than can be evaluated per index Here's a simple filter example that only accepts even indices: More...
class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::IndexIter< IteratorT, FilterT >::ValueIndexIter
 A forward iterator over array indices from a value iterator (such as ValueOnCIter) More...




enum  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::index::State { openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::index::PARTIAL =0, openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::index::NONE, openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::index::ALL }


template<typename IterT >
Index64 openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::points::iterCount (const IterT &iter)
 Count up the number of times the iterator can iterate. More...

Detailed Description

Index Iterators.

Dan Bailey

Definition in file IndexIterator.h.