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points Directory Reference
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directory  impl


file  AttributeArray.h [code]
 Attribute Array storage templated on type and compression codec.
file  AttributeArrayString.h [code]
 Attribute array storage for string data using Descriptor Metadata.
file  AttributeGroup.h [code]
 Attribute Group access and filtering for iteration.
file  AttributeSet.h [code]
 Set of Attribute Arrays which tracks metadata about each array.
file  IndexFilter.h [code]
 Index filters primarily designed to be used with a FilterIndexIter.
file  IndexIterator.h [code]
 Index Iterators.
file  PointAdvect.h [code]
 Ability to advect VDB Points through a velocity field.
file  PointAttribute.h [code]
 Point attribute manipulation in a VDB Point Grid.
file  PointConversion.h [code]
 Convert points and attributes to and from VDB Point Data grids.
file  PointCount.h [code]
 Methods for counting points in VDB Point grids.
file  PointDataGrid.h [code]
 Attribute-owned data structure for points. Point attributes are stored in leaf nodes and ordered by voxel for fast random and sequential access.
file  PointDelete.h [code]
 Methods for deleting points based on group membership.
file  PointGroup.h [code]
 Point group manipulation in a VDB Point Grid.
file  PointMask.h [code]
 Methods for extracting masks from VDB Point grids.
file  PointMove.h [code]
 Ability to move VDB Points using a custom deformer.
file  PointRasterizeFrustum.h [code]
 Volume rasterization of VDB Points using velocity and camera motion-blur.
file  PointRasterizeSDF.h [code]
 Transfer schemes for rasterizing point positional and radius data to signed distance fields with optional closest point attribute transfers. All methods support arbitrary target linear transformations, fixed or varying point radius, filtering of point data and arbitrary types for attribute transferring.
file  PointRasterizeTrilinear.h [code]
 Transfer schemes for rasterizing point data.
file  PointSample.h [code]
 Sample a VDB Grid onto a VDB Points attribute.
file  PointScatter.h [code]
 Various point scattering methods for generating VDB Points.
file  PointStatistics.h [code]
 Functions to perform multi threaded reductions and analysis of arbitrary point attribute types. Each function imposes various requirements on the point ValueType (such as expected operators) and supports arbitrary point filters.
file  PointTransfer.h [code]
 Framework methods for rasterizing PointDataGrid data to Trees.
file  StreamCompression.h [code]
 Convenience wrappers to using Blosc and reading and writing of Paged data.