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plugin.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <OpenImageIO/export.h>
#include <OpenImageIO/oiioversion.h>
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typedef voidPlugin::Handle


OIIO_UTIL_API const char * Plugin::plugin_extension (void)
OIIO_UTIL_API Handle Plugin::open (const char *plugin_filename, bool global=true)
Handle Plugin::open (const std::string &plugin_filename, bool global=true)
OIIO_UTIL_API bool Plugin::close (Handle plugin_handle)
OIIO_UTIL_API voidPlugin::getsym (Handle plugin_handle, const char *symbol_name, bool report_error=true)
voidPlugin::getsym (Handle plugin_handle, const std::string &symbol_name, bool report_error=true)
OIIO_UTIL_API std::string Plugin::geterror (bool clear=true)

Detailed Description

Helper routines for managing runtime-loadable "plugins", implemented variously as DSO's (traditional Unix/Linux), dynamic libraries (Mac OS X), DLL's (Windows).

Definition in file plugin.h.