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1 /*
2  * PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. This software is proprietary to
3  * Side Effects Software Inc., and is not to be reproduced,
4  * transmitted, or disclosed in any way without written permission.
5  *
6  * NAME: PRM_Shared.h (PRM Library, C++)
7  *
9  */
11 #ifndef __PRM_Shared__
12 #define __PRM_Shared__
14 #include "PRM_API.h"
16 // define these globals in the PRM library as a convenience.
17 // Defining global versions will save memory while enhancing the
18 // convenience to the user. It also means better standardization
19 // of parameter names.
21 // These defines go with the prmGroupTypeNames[], please make sure they are
22 // in sync.
24 {
30 };
32 // These defines go with the prmUVGroupTypeNames[], please make sure they are
33 // in sync.
35 {
41 };
43 class PRM_Name;
44 class PRM_Range;
45 class PRM_Default;
46 class PRM_ChoiceList;
48 // Common names
93 // NB: Does not include Local in the label.
95 // NB: Does not include Local in the label.
99 PRM_API extern PRM_Name PRMrollName; // Rolloff
106 PRM_API extern PRM_Name PRMsurfaceName; // Rows,cols,etc Surface Type
107 PRM_API extern PRM_Name PRMswitcherName; // dummy used for group switches
189 PRM_API extern PRM_Name PRMstitchOpName; // stitching
211 PRM_API extern PRM_Name PRMuName;
212 PRM_API extern PRM_Name PRMvName;
263 // Subnets
266 // Curve
272 // Create groups names
297 // Material color names
314 // Extruding
325 // Fix Selected Node Names
333 // Particle Render Attributes
342 // Soft Selection Names
355 // Pre-Transform Names
364 // Local Pre-Transform Names
365 // NB: ShortName does not include Local in the label.
375 // This enum goes with PRMsoftVisualizeFalloffMenu, please make sure it is in
376 // sync.
378 {
382 };
384 // Mirroring
389 // Common defaults
391 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMxaxisDefaults[]; // 1,0,0
392 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMyaxisDefaults[]; // 0,1,0
393 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMzaxisDefaults[]; // 0,0,1
394 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMnegoneDefaults[]; // -1
395 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMpointOneDefaults[]; // 0.1
397 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMzeroDefaults[]; // 0
398 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMoneDefaults[]; // 1
399 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMtwoDefaults[]; // 2
407 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMtenDefaults[]; // 10
408 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM20Defaults[]; // 20
409 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM45Defaults[]; // 45
410 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM90Defaults[]; // 90
411 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM100Defaults[]; // 100
412 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM180Defaults[]; // 180
413 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM360Defaults[]; // 360
414 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMangleDefaults[]; // 0, 360
415 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMhalfAngleDefaults[]; // 0, 180
416 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRM360over8Default; // 360/8
417 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMsurfaceDefault; // For the surface menu
418 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMconnectivityDefault; // Connectivity menu
419 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMtextureMapDefault; // Default texture map name
420 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMbumpMapDefault; // Default bump map name
421 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMgroupDefault; // Default new group name
422 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMvexPrecisionDefault; // Default vex precision
423 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMrenameDefault; // Default rename group name
424 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMbiasDefault; // 0.5
429 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMuvRangeDefaults[]; // 0.1, 0.9
430 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMluvDefaults[]; // 1, 0
431 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMruvDefaults[]; // 0, 0
432 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMradiusDefault; // 0.5
434 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMmatrix2Defaults[]; // 4 floats (identity)
435 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMmatrix3Defaults[]; // 9 floats (identity)
436 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMmatrix4Defaults[]; // 16 floats (identity)
438 // Subnets
439 PRM_API extern PRM_Default PRMinputLabelDefaults[];// input label defaults
441 // Common choices
442 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMtoggleMenu; // on or off
443 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMentityMenuPointsAndPrimitives; // primitives or points
444 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMentityMenuAll; // all supported groups: primitives, points, and edges
445 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMgroupTypeMenu; // supported groups
446 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMUVgroupTypeMenu; // supported groups
447 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMvexPrecisionMenu; // supported precision
448 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMplaneMenu; // XY, YZ, ZX
449 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMaxisMenu; // X axis, Y axis, Z axis
450 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMtrsMenu; // Translate rotate scale
451 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMxyzMenu; // Rotate X Y Z
452 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbalMenu; // rgb, r, g, b, a, luminance
453 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbal2Menu; // r, g, b, a, luminance
454 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbhsvMenu; // r,g,b, hue, saturation, value
455 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbaMenu; // red, green, blue, alpha
456 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMbumpMenu; // red, green, blue, alpha
457 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMnoiseMenu; // hermite interpolation, sparse convolution
458 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMintegrateMenu; // integration type
459 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMprimitiveMenu; // prim, poly, mesh, nurb, bez
460 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMsurfaceMenu; // row, col, rowcol, tri, quad, alt.tri
461 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMconnectivityMenu; // row, col, rowcol, tri, quad, alt.tri, inherit
462 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMarcTypeMenu; // closed, open arc, closed arc, sliced arc
463 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMcycleMenu; // how to sweep cross sections (all, each)
464 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMcapMenu; // none, faceted, shared, rounded, tangential
465 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMuWrapMenu; // no wrap, wrap, if 1st xsect
466 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMvWrapMenu; // no wrap, wrap, if 1st xsect
467 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMuInterpMenu; // no interp, interp, if 1st
468 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMvInterpMenu; // no interp, interp, if 1st
469 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMlockUpVectMenu; // to nml, wrldx, y, z, none
470 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMdirUVMenu; // in U or V
471 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMprimOpsMenu; // all/groups/skip
472 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMpointOpsMenu; // all/groups/skip/sep
473 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMparamMenu; // Curve Parameterizations
474 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMsoftTypesMenu; // soft fallout functions
475 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMsoftDistanceMetricsMenu; // soft distance measurement
476 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMmetricMenu; // Metric (for UV sops)
477 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMUVLayerMenu; // UV Layer
478 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMopFilterTypeMenu; // Filters (ie. !!OBJ!!)
479 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMviewportLODMenu; // GEO_ViewportLOD
483 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMkeepPosMenu; // Keep Pos Toggle Menu
484 PRM_API extern PRM_ChoiceList PRMchildCompMenu; // Keep Pos Toggle Menu
486 // Handle alignment
488 // Handle angle step
491 // Common Ranges
492 // If there is a [] around the range it is a UI only range. If not, it
493 // is a restricted range.
494 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMangleRange; // [0] to [360]
495 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMhalfAngleRange; // 0 to 180
496 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMnonNegativeRange; // 0 to [100]
497 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMpositiveRange; // 0.0001 to [1000]
498 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMnonPositiveRange; // [-100] to 0
499 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMdivision3Range; // 3 to [50]
500 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMdivision2Range; // 2 to [50]
501 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMdivision1Range; // 1 to [50]
502 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMdivision0Range; // 0 to [50]
503 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMdivisionRange; // 1 to [100]
504 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMexpRange; // 0 to [5]
505 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMframeRange; // [1] to [300]
506 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMrulerRange; // 0 to [10]
507 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMlodRange; // 0.001 to [5]
508 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMrolloffRange; // 0 to [10]
509 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMseedRange; // [0] to [200]
510 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMscaleRange; // [-5] to [5]
511 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMuscaleRange; // [0] to [10]
512 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMstepSizeRange; // 0.001 to [5]
513 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMdistRange; // [-10] to [10]
514 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMorderRange; // 2 to 11
515 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMfrequency10Range; // 1 to [10]
516 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMfrequencyRange; // 1 to [5]
517 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMmetaWeightRange; // [-5] to [10]
518 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMbiasRange; // 0 to 1
519 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMtoleranceRange; // 0 to [1]
520 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMsharpnessRange; // 0 to 1
521 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMunitRange; // 0 to 1
522 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMincRange; // 1 to [20]
523 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMradiusRange; // 0 to [1]
524 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMsofttoggleRange; // [0] to [1]
525 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMfullunitRange; // -1 to 1
526 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMfullunituiRange; // [-1] to [1]
527 PRM_API extern PRM_Range PRMfullangleRange; // [-360] to [360]
528 #endif
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMhandleAngleStepMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMcolsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMskinOpsName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMluvDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMangleStepDisplayName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMuscaleRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvectorName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMupdatenmlstName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMbiasName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMweightName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMeightDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMtwoDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMpivotRotName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMpointOpsMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMkeepShapeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatSpecName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaffectorName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEveryOfName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMangleRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMtoleranceName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMupVectorName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatEmitName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMfrequency10Range
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMorderName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMcycleMenu
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMunitRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformScaleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMvexPrecisionDefault
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMdirUVMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatBiasName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMinterpvName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftRadiusName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprimitiveName
Definition: PRM_Shared.h:129
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMupdatenmlspName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformXYZName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlastuName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMclosedArcName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMtopBotRadName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatArollName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbalMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpOutputName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMinputLabelDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMhandGlobalXformName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMbezierName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMrenameDefault
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMseedRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMremovePrefixName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMsurfaceMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuRangeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMpivotXlateLabelName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMhandRotName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMxyzMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPivotRotShortName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvRangeName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMcapMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMinputLabelNames[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrightuvName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMdotangentName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMnormalName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMrolloffRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeMaxLenName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMorientName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMimperfectName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMCapRoundedName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftApplyRolloffName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMTrianglesName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMQuadrilateralsName
Definition: PRM_Shared.h:34
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformTRSShortName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaddToSelName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMbeginangleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMinsetName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMjoinOpName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaddToGrpName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformParmGroupName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMpointFiveDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMfrequencyRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgroupTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftTangentAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPivotXformParmGroupName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMpointOneDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMremoveSharedSidesName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsharpName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMtoggleMenu
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMuInterpMenu
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM90Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMturbName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMbiasDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMdostitchName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMposDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMarcTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMhandFollowName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfvCapScaleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMnurbsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftDistanceMetricsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformRotName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMsoftVisualizeFalloffMenu
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMparamMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfuCapScaleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMentityName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMrpartTypeDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatDiffName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfreqName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfeatherName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMAlternatingTrianglesName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMluCapDivsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformShearShortName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM100Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfvCapDivsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformScaleShortName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMbiasRange
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMlockUpVectMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMscaleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMupoleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMtoleranceDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrowsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpOperationName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgridSpaceName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformParmGroupName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaffectednmlsName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMentityMenuPointsAndPrimitives
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrollName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMopenArcName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMfullunituiRange
Definition: PRM_Shared.h:23
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuSharpName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformXlateShortName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMseedName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrpartBlurTime
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMkernelName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsubFromSelName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpStartEndName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprimTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMtenDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMincRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMclosedName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMblendName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMsevenDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrowcolName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMuvRangeDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsmoothName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM20Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMdivision1Range
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMhandAlignName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMnormalizeBasisName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMnoiseTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMbumpMapDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMluCapScaleName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMbumpMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsuffixName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMnonPositiveRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMleadnmlName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMgroupDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfitToleranceName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlroffsetName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMframeRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMangleStepName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMviewportLODMenu
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMxaxisDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatAparaName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMwidthName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMarcTypeMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMxlateStepName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMchanPrefixName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaccurateName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMwrapuName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMCapTangentialName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMsharpnessDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpUnsharedName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformTRSName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgridRulerName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMangleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuorderName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMbackName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformXYZShortName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM360over8Default
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMheightName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaddPointName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpPrefixName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMtoleranceRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfirstvName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMpivotXformParmGroupName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsharpConnName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMcollinearToleranceName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMdivision3Range
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMzaxisDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpPointNumberName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvUseBiasName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMexpRange
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMaxisMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeMinAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMthreeDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMstitchOpName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmaterialName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMmetaWeightRange
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMangleDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMscaleRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmeshName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMsharpnessRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfixedName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMsixDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMsurfaceDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvexPrecisionName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMconnectivityMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftLeadPointAttributeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgroupName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMoffsetName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbal2Menu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeMaxAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrpartSphereNorm
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMmatrix4Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmaxAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMrpartSizeDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMpackedPivotName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMchordLenName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMconnectivityName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatRoughName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMfiveDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrpartType
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbhsvMenu
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMnegoneDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsideName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformShearName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMdivision0Range
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsizeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsurfaceName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMrulerRange
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMprimitiveMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMcoordName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMvInterpMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlvCapScaleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMCapFacetedName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvertexName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuscaleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuniformName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMendangleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpPatternName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmultiplicityName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMproximityName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMorientPolysName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMcapsName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMentityMenuAll
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatFresnelName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeDepthName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmetricName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMconvMeshName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeAngleBetweenEdgesName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMslicedArcName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMpivotName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMhalfAngleRange
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMoneDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMswitcherName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMkeepPrimsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMtopRadName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMfullunitRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMRowsAndColumns
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsuffixCharName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMremoveSuffixName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMsoftTypesMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftDistanceAttributeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsubFromGrpName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMstepSizeRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfirstuName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMrgbaMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMobjectName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlockUpName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlvCapDivsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrightuvendName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMspanDivsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMdoFuseName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpGeometryTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatTransName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvorderName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMtextureMapName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM360Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfrontName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMfitToleranceDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMarcAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMhandPivotName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMnoiseMenu
Definition: PRM_Shared.h:377
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMmirrorGroupUseMenu
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMfullangleRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpBoundTypeName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMtrsMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuvSnapName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmirrorGroupUseName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMoutPolysName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMcycleName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMsofttoggleRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPrexformRotShortName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgroupNameName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMframeName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMrayToleranceDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMextractPtName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMsoftDistanceMetricsMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmirrorPlaneName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgroupToSelName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMconnectivityDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvSharpName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMuWrapMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMdiffuseName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrpartSize
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMColumnsName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM45Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMprimOpsMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMkeepInName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprexformXlateName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMbottomRadName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatAperpName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMarcLenName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMdivision2Range
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMCapSharedName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMuUseBiasName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMleftuvName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlrscaleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMradiusDefault
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMlodRange
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMUVLayerMenu
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMchildCompMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMscaleStepName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMmatrix3Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatShadowName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMintegrateMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMshearName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMshareFacesName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMminAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMvlengthName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMwrapvName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpSpreadAngleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMyaxisDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMaxisName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlrwidthName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMparamName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfuCapDivsName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMrayToleranceName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMUVgroupTypeMenu
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMpackedPivotMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMReverseTrianglesName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatRefractName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMxlateName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMdirectionName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMsoftVisualizeFalloffDefault
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMkeepOutName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMnextPointName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMxsectGroupName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMfullscaleName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMfourDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlastvName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgridCountName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMdistName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftVisualizeFalloffName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMforceName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMradiusName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMkeepPosMenu
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMradiusRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatAmbName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMvWrapMenu
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMzeroDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMorderRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMinterpuName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMgrpEdgeMinLenName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMnineDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprefixCharName
#define PRM_API
Definition: PRM_API.h:10
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMloopName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMtextureMapDefault
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMpositiveRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMlocalPivotXlateLabelShortName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMruvDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMgroupTypeMenu
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMhalfAngleDefaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsharpCornerName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMmetricMenu
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMviewportLODMenuWithUnchanged
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmatReflName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMhandleAlignMenu
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMdivisionRange
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMrpartTypeMenu
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMnonNegativeRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMmapTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMselToGroupName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMvexPrecisionMenu
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMplaneMenu
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMupdatenmlsName
PRM_API PRM_ChoiceList PRMopFilterTypeMenu
PRM_API PRM_Default PRM180Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftTypeName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMsoftIgnorePointConnectivityName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMoriginName
PRM_API PRM_Range PRMdistRange
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMprefixName
PRM_API PRM_Default PRMmatrix2Defaults[]
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMcenterName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMpolygonName
PRM_API PRM_Name PRMkeepOrigName