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SIM_ObjectReader.h File Reference
#include "SIM_API.h"
#include <GA/GA_Handle.h>
#include <GU/GU_DetailHandle.h>
#include <SYS/SYS_TypeTraits.h>
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class  SIM_BaseObjectReader
class  SIM_SingleObjectReader
class  SIM_PackedPrimitiveReader
class  SIM_PackedObjectWriter
class  SIM_AgentShapeReader
struct  SIM_AgentShapeReader::BatchROHandleA< ARRAY_T >
struct  SIM_AgentShapeReader::BatchRWHandleA< ARRAY_T >


#define IS_SCALAR   SYS_IsArithmetic<T>::value || SYS_IsSame<T, UT_StringHolder>::value
#define ENABLE_IF_SCALAR   typename SYS_EnableIf<IS_SCALAR>::type * = 0
#define ENABLE_IF_VECTOR   typename SYS_DisableIf<IS_SCALAR>::type * = 0


SIM_API void SIMcomputePositionTransform (const UT_Vector3 &pos, const UT_Vector3 &pivot, const UT_Quaternion &orient, UT_Matrix4D &xform)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ENABLE_IF_SCALAR   typename SYS_EnableIf<IS_SCALAR>::type * = 0

Definition at line 238 of file SIM_ObjectReader.h.

#define ENABLE_IF_VECTOR   typename SYS_DisableIf<IS_SCALAR>::type * = 0

Definition at line 239 of file SIM_ObjectReader.h.

#define IS_SCALAR   SYS_IsArithmetic<T>::value || SYS_IsSame<T, UT_StringHolder>::value

Definition at line 237 of file SIM_ObjectReader.h.

Function Documentation

SIM_API void SIMcomputePositionTransform ( const UT_Vector3 pos,
const UT_Vector3 pivot,
const UT_Quaternion orient,
UT_Matrix4D xform