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UI_LookType.h File Reference
#include "UI_API.h"
#include "UI_Types.h"
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UI_API UI_Look * UIgetLook (UI_LookType type, const char *label=0, const char *iconfile=0)
UI_API UI_Look * UIgetLook (const char *name, UI_BorderType t=UI_BORDER_BEVEL, int locate=0, int warnflag=1, UI_IconScalability scale=UI_ICON_FIXED)
UI_API int UIisSharedLook (UI_LookType type)

Function Documentation

UI_API UI_Look* UIgetLook ( UI_LookType  type,
const char *  label = 0,
const char *  iconfile = 0 
UI_API UI_Look* UIgetLook ( const char *  name,
UI_BorderType  t = UI_BORDER_BEVEL,
int  locate = 0,
int  warnflag = 1,
UI_IconScalability  scale = UI_ICON_FIXED 
UI_API int UIisSharedLook ( UI_LookType  type)