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UT_NetUtil.h File Reference
#include "UT_API.h"
#include <netinet/in.h>
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UT_API bool UTresolveCanonicalHostname (UT_String &host, UT_StringHolder &error)
UT_API UT_StringHolder UTipAddressToHostname (const UT_StringRef &ip_address, UT_StringHolder &error)
 {@ Convert an IP address to a hostname More...
UT_API UT_StringHolder UTipAddressToHostname (const UT_IpAddress &address, UT_StringHolder &error)
UT_API bool UTgetHostnameByAlias (UT_StringHolder &host, const char *alias, UT_StringHolder &error)
 {@ Convert either an IP address or host alias to its given name. More...
UT_API void UTstripDomainName (UT_String &host)
UT_API void UTstripDomainName (UT_WorkBuffer &host)
UT_API bool UTdoPortsMatch (const UT_String &host1, const UT_String &host2)
UT_API bool UTdoPortsMatch (const UT_WorkBuffer &host1, const UT_WorkBuffer &host2)
UT_API bool UTatHostnameDelimeter (const char *p)
UT_API bool UTisHostnameAllNonAlpha (const char *str)

Detailed Description

Common network utilities

Definition in file UT_NetUtil.h.

Function Documentation

UT_API bool UTatHostnameDelimeter ( const char *  p)
UT_API bool UTdoPortsMatch ( const UT_String host1,
const UT_String host2 
UT_API bool UTdoPortsMatch ( const UT_WorkBuffer host1,
const UT_WorkBuffer host2 
UT_API bool UTgetHostnameByAlias ( UT_StringHolder host,
const char *  alias,
UT_StringHolder error 

{@ Convert either an IP address or host alias to its given name.

UT_API UT_StringHolder UTipAddressToHostname ( const UT_StringRef ip_address,
UT_StringHolder error 

{@ Convert an IP address to a hostname

UT_API UT_StringHolder UTipAddressToHostname ( const UT_IpAddress address,
UT_StringHolder error 
UT_API bool UTisHostnameAllNonAlpha ( const char *  str)
UT_API bool UTresolveCanonicalHostname ( UT_String host,
UT_StringHolder error 

Given host, resolves it to the canonical name if possible. If false is returned, then host is untouched.

UT_API void UTstripDomainName ( UT_String host)
UT_API void UTstripDomainName ( UT_WorkBuffer host)