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ArFilesystemAsset Class Reference

#include <filesystemAsset_v1.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ArFilesystemAsset:

Public Member Functions

AR_API ArFilesystemAsset (FILE *file)
AR_API ~ArFilesystemAsset ()
 Closes the file owned by this object. More...
virtual AR_API size_t GetSize () override
 Returns the size of the file held by this object. More...
virtual AR_API std::shared_ptr
< const char > 
GetBuffer () override
virtual AR_API size_t Read (void *buffer, size_t count, size_t offset) override
virtual AR_API std::pair< FILE
*, size_t > 
GetFileUnsafe () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ArAsset
virtual AR_API ~ArAsset ()
 ArAsset (const ArAsset &)=delete
ArAssetoperator= (const ArAsset &)=delete

Static Public Member Functions

static AR_API std::shared_ptr
< ArFilesystemAsset
Open (const ArResolvedPath &resolvedPath)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ArAsset
AR_API ArAsset ()

Detailed Description

ArAsset implementation for asset represented by a file on a filesystem.

Definition at line 47 of file filesystemAsset_v1.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AR_API ArFilesystemAsset::ArFilesystemAsset ( FILE *  file)

Constructs an ArFilesystemAsset for the given file. The ArFilesystemAsset object takes ownership of file and will close the file handle on destruction.

AR_API ArFilesystemAsset::~ArFilesystemAsset ( )

Closes the file owned by this object.

Member Function Documentation

virtual AR_API std::shared_ptr<const char> ArFilesystemAsset::GetBuffer ( )

Creates a read-only memory map for the file held by this object and returns a pointer to the start of the mapped contents.

Implements ArAsset.

virtual AR_API std::pair<FILE*, size_t> ArFilesystemAsset::GetFileUnsafe ( )

Returns the FILE* handle this object was created with and an offset of 0, since the asset's contents are located at the beginning of the file.

Implements ArAsset.

virtual AR_API size_t ArFilesystemAsset::GetSize ( )

Returns the size of the file held by this object.

Implements ArAsset.

static AR_API std::shared_ptr<ArFilesystemAsset> ArFilesystemAsset::Open ( const ArResolvedPath resolvedPath)

Constructs a new ArFilesystemAsset for the file at resolvedPath. Returns a null pointer if the file could not be opened.

virtual AR_API size_t ArFilesystemAsset::Read ( void buffer,
size_t  count,
size_t  offset 

Reads count bytes from the file held by this object at the given offset into buffer.

Implements ArAsset.

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