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BaseExc Class Reference

#include <IexBaseExc.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for BaseExc:

Public Member Functions

IEX_EXPORT BaseExc (const char *s=nullptr)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc (const std::string &s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc (std::string &&s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc (std::stringstream &s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc (const BaseExc &be)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc (BaseExc &&be) noexcept
virtual IEX_EXPORT ~BaseExc () noexcept
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcoperator= (const BaseExc &be)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcoperator= (BaseExc &&be) noexcept
virtual IEX_EXPORT const char * what () const noexcept
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcassign (std::stringstream &s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcoperator= (std::stringstream &s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcappend (std::stringstream &s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcoperator+= (std::stringstream &s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcassign (const char *s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcoperator= (const char *s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcappend (const char *s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExcoperator+= (const char *s)
IEX_EXPORT const std::stringmessage () const noexcept
IEX_EXPORT const std::stringstackTrace () const noexcept

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file IexBaseExc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::BaseExc ( const char *  s = nullptr)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::BaseExc ( const std::string s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::BaseExc ( std::string &&  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::BaseExc ( std::stringstream &  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::BaseExc ( const BaseExc be)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::BaseExc ( BaseExc &&  be)
virtual IEX_EXPORT BaseExc::~BaseExc ( )

Member Function Documentation

IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::append ( std::stringstream &  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::append ( const char *  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::assign ( std::stringstream &  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::assign ( const char *  s)
IEX_EXPORT const std::string& BaseExc::message ( ) const
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::operator+= ( std::stringstream &  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::operator+= ( const char *  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::operator= ( const BaseExc be)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::operator= ( BaseExc &&  be)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::operator= ( std::stringstream &  s)
IEX_EXPORT BaseExc& BaseExc::operator= ( const char *  s)
IEX_EXPORT const std::string& BaseExc::stackTrace ( ) const
virtual IEX_EXPORT const char* BaseExc::what ( ) const

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