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CMD_Args Class Reference

#include <CMD_Args.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for CMD_Args:

Public Member Functions

std::ostream & out ()
std::ostream & err (int show_line_number=1)
void error (const char *fmt,...) SYS_PRINTF_CHECK_ATTRIBUTE(2
 Print an error message on err() More...
void void quietErrors ()
void showUsage ()
void callBaseClassCommand ()
UT_String commandName ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_Args
 UT_Args ()
 Default constructor. More...
 UT_Args (int argc, const char *const argv[], const char *options)
 ~UT_Args ()=default
 Destructor. More...
 UT_Args (const UT_Args &)=delete
UT_Argsoperator= (const UT_Args &)=delete
int argc () const
const char * argv (unsigned i) const
const char *constargv () const
const char * operator[] (unsigned i) const
const char * operator() (unsigned i) const
int found (int opt) const
const char * argp (int opt, int which=0) const
const char * argp2 (int opt) const
const char * argp3 (int opt) const
fpreal fargp (int opt, int which=0) const
fpreal fargp2 (int opt) const
fpreal fargp3 (int opt) const
int iargp (int opt, int which=0) const
int iargp2 (int opt) const
int iargp3 (int opt) const
void initialize (int argc, const char *const argv[])
void initialize (int argc, const UT_StringRef *argv)
void initialize (int argc, const UT_StringHolder *argv)
void appendArg (const char *arg)
void stripOptions (const char *options)
int fillCommandLine (UT_WorkBuffer &buf, int first_arg=0, int include_options=1) const
void makeCommandLine (UT_String &str, int first_arg=1) const
void setArgument (int idx, const char *text)
 Set an argument to a specific value. More...
void display ()
 Dump options. More...


class CMD_Manager

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

void CMD_Args::callBaseClassCommand ( )
UT_String CMD_Args::commandName ( )
std::ostream& CMD_Args::err ( int  show_line_number = 1)
void CMD_Args::error ( const char *  fmt,

Print an error message on err()

std::ostream& CMD_Args::out ( )
expr/command.C, FS/FS_Background.C, and ui/cmd_ui.C.

Definition at line 30 of file CMD_Args.h.

void void CMD_Args::quietErrors ( )

Definition at line 37 of file CMD_Args.h.

void CMD_Args::showUsage ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CMD_Manager

Definition at line 53 of file CMD_Args.h.

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