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CVEX_Function Class Reference

A class holding a VEX function. More...

#include <CVEX_Function.h>

Public Member Functions

 CVEX_Function ()
 CVEX_Function (const CVEX_Function &src)
 CVEX_Function (CVEX_Function &&src)
 ~CVEX_Function ()
CVEX_Functionoperator= (const CVEX_Function &src)
CVEX_Functionoperator= (CVEX_Function &&src)
bool isValid () const
bool hasParameterWithPrefix (const char *prefix)
bool getParameters (UT_StringArray &parm_names, UT_Array< CVEX_Type > &parm_types, UT_IntArray &parm_exports) const
 Returns the function parameters boundable by adding CVEX input. More...


template<VEX_Precision ALLPREC>
class CVEX_ContextT

Detailed Description

A class holding a VEX function.

This will be created by something like the CVEX_Context::preloadFunction. It can then be passed directly to loadFunction() to be used rather than going to the global vex context function table.

Definition at line 30 of file CVEX_Function.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVEX_Function::CVEX_Function ( )
CVEX_Function::CVEX_Function ( const CVEX_Function src)
CVEX_Function::CVEX_Function ( CVEX_Function &&  src)
CVEX_Function::~CVEX_Function ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool CVEX_Function::getParameters ( UT_StringArray parm_names,
UT_Array< CVEX_Type > &  parm_types,
UT_IntArray parm_exports 
) const

Returns the function parameters boundable by adding CVEX input.

bool CVEX_Function::hasParameterWithPrefix ( const char *  prefix)
bool CVEX_Function::isValid ( ) const

Definition at line 42 of file CVEX_Function.h.

CVEX_Function& CVEX_Function::operator= ( const CVEX_Function src)
CVEX_Function& CVEX_Function::operator= ( CVEX_Function &&  src)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<VEX_Precision ALLPREC>
friend class CVEX_ContextT

Definition at line 55 of file CVEX_Function.h.

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