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FONT_Registry Class Reference

#include <FONT_Registry.h>

Public Member Functions

 ~FONT_Registry ()
UT_StringList typefaces () const
 Return a alphabetic list of all available typefaces. More...
const FONT_InfoPtrListtypefaceFonts (const char *typeface) const
 Returns all fonts from the given typeface. More...
UT_StringArray fontFilePaths (bool include_system_font_files=true) const
const FONT_InfogetVariant (const FONT_Info &font_info, FONT_Variant variant) const
const FONT_Infoget (const char *name) const

Static Public Member Functions

static FONT_Registryinstance ()
 Returns the FONT_Registry singleton. More...
static const char * fileExtensionFilterString ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file FONT_Registry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FONT_Registry::~FONT_Registry ( )

Member Function Documentation

static const char* FONT_Registry::fileExtensionFilterString ( )

Returns a comma separated list of file globs that match the supported extensions.

UT_StringArray FONT_Registry::fontFilePaths ( bool  include_system_font_files = true) const

Return a list of all font files that have been loaded. If include_system_font_files is true then the returned list includes font files that were loaded from system directories. Otherwise, the returned list includes only font files found in the Houdini search path.

const FONT_Info& FONT_Registry::get ( const char *  name) const

Return a font face given an name. The name can be any of the possible alternative names for a font. For example font names used in older version of Houdini (e.g. "DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique" would be the "DejaVu Sans Mono" family, bold weight, oblique style), for factory fonts. For system fonts, the path name would have been given. If the font is not found, an invalid FONT_Info object is returned, containing just the font name.

const FONT_Info& FONT_Registry::getVariant ( const FONT_Info font_info,
FONT_Variant  variant 
) const

Returns the closest variant on the given font with the additional constraints.

fontThe font to base the variant on.
variantSpecifies the variation upon the base font to return.
static FONT_Registry& FONT_Registry::instance ( )

Returns the FONT_Registry singleton.

const FONT_InfoPtrList& FONT_Registry::typefaceFonts ( const char *  typeface) const

Returns all fonts from the given typeface.

UT_StringList FONT_Registry::typefaces ( ) const

Return a alphabetic list of all available typefaces.

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