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FS_ServerSocketListener Class Reference

#include <FS_ServerSocketListener.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for FS_ServerSocketListener:

Public Types

typedef void(* ChildExitedCallback )(FS_ServerSocketListener &, void *callback_data, bool listener_forced_to_close)

Public Member Functions

 ~FS_ServerSocketListener () override
const char * getClassName () const override
int getPort () const
int getRequestedPort () const
const UT_StringgetIPMask () const
void closeSocketOnChildExit (pid_t child_pid, bool delete_on_child_exit=false, ChildExitedCallback child_exited_callback=0, void *callback_data=0)
bool areEventsWaiting () override
int processEvents () override
int getFileDescriptor () override
int getPollTime () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from FS_EventGenerator
 FS_EventGenerator ()
virtual ~FS_EventGenerator ()
int installGenerator ()
void uninstallGenerator ()
void pollEventLoop (bool drain_queue=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static FS_ServerSocketListenercreateSocketListener (int port, FS_ConnectedSocketListener::Callback callback, void *callback_data=0, const char *ip_mask=0, bool remap_privileged_ports=false)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FS_EventGenerator
static void setInstaller (FS_EventInstaller installer)
static void setEventLoopPollCallback (FS_PollCallback callback)
static bool isEventLoopPollCallbackSet ()

Protected Member Functions

 FS_ServerSocketListener (UT_NetSocket *server_socket, int requested_port, FS_ConnectedSocketListener::Callback callback, void *callback_data, const char *ip_mask)
UT_NetSocketgetServerSocket ()
virtual void createConnectedSocketListener ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file FS_ServerSocketListener.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* FS_ServerSocketListener::ChildExitedCallback)(FS_ServerSocketListener &, void *callback_data, bool listener_forced_to_close)

Definition at line 66 of file FS_ServerSocketListener.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FS_ServerSocketListener::~FS_ServerSocketListener ( )
FS_ServerSocketListener::FS_ServerSocketListener ( UT_NetSocket server_socket,
int  requested_port,
FS_ConnectedSocketListener::Callback  callback,
void callback_data,
const char *  ip_mask 

Member Function Documentation

bool FS_ServerSocketListener::areEventsWaiting ( )

Reimplemented from FS_EventGenerator.

void FS_ServerSocketListener::closeSocketOnChildExit ( pid_t  child_pid,
bool  delete_on_child_exit = false,
ChildExitedCallback  child_exited_callback = 0,
void callback_data = 0 
virtual void FS_ServerSocketListener::createConnectedSocketListener ( )
static FS_ServerSocketListener* FS_ServerSocketListener::createSocketListener ( int  port,
FS_ConnectedSocketListener::Callback  callback,
void callback_data = 0,
const char *  ip_mask = 0,
bool  remap_privileged_ports = false 
const char* FS_ServerSocketListener::getClassName ( ) const

Implements FS_EventGenerator.

Definition at line 43 of file FS_ServerSocketListener.h.

int FS_ServerSocketListener::getFileDescriptor ( )

Reimplemented from FS_EventGenerator.

const UT_String& FS_ServerSocketListener::getIPMask ( ) const

Definition at line 54 of file FS_ServerSocketListener.h.

int FS_ServerSocketListener::getPollTime ( )

Reimplemented from FS_EventGenerator.

int FS_ServerSocketListener::getPort ( ) const
int FS_ServerSocketListener::getRequestedPort ( ) const

Definition at line 50 of file FS_ServerSocketListener.h.

UT_NetSocket* FS_ServerSocketListener::getServerSocket ( )

Definition at line 104 of file FS_ServerSocketListener.h.

int FS_ServerSocketListener::processEvents ( )

Implements FS_EventGenerator.

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