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FS_StaleMantraFiles Class Reference

#include <FS_StaleMantraFiles.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool cleanup (UT_StringArray &removed, UT_StringArray &failed_files, UT_StringArray *ignored_files, bool dry_run)

Detailed Description

When piping IFDs to mantra, SOHO will spool geometry and possibly other files to $HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR/ifds/storage. It saves the geometry files to filenames of the form: PID_XXXXX.YY, where PID is the PID of the mantra process.

If mantra terminates before the geometry files have been read, they are left dangling in the temporary drive, and may cause the disk to fill up.

This class is a convenience class for dealing with these temporary files.

Definition at line 27 of file FS_StaleMantraFiles.h.

Member Function Documentation

static bool FS_StaleMantraFiles::cleanup ( UT_StringArray removed,
UT_StringArray failed_files,
UT_StringArray ignored_files,
bool  dry_run 

Get a list of stale files, which have no process running. The function will fill up the removed array with the full path of all files that were removed. The failed_files list is a list of files which we think are stale files, but we were unable to remove.

The dry_run boolean lets you call the function without actually making changes to the file system. In this case, all files will be lised in the removed list.

The file returns true if there were stale files detected.

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