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GA_AIFDefinition< AIF_TYPE > Class Template Reference

Class to allow custom AIF interfaces to be built. More...

#include <GA_AttributeSet.h>

Public Member Functions

void bind (const UT_StringHolder &attrib_type, AIF_TYPE *aif) const
const AIF_TYPE * get (const GA_AttributeType &type) const


GA_AIFDefinition< AIF_TYPE > GA_AttributeType::registerAIF (AIF_TYPE *)

Detailed Description

template<typename AIF_TYPE>
class GA_AIFDefinition< AIF_TYPE >

Class to allow custom AIF interfaces to be built.

GA_AIFDefinition is used by client-code to manage client-registered AIF_TYPE implementations. AIF_TYPE must be derived from GA_AIFBase.

Definition at line 50 of file GA_AttributeSet.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename AIF_TYPE>
void GA_AIFDefinition< AIF_TYPE >::bind ( const UT_StringHolder attrib_type,
AIF_TYPE *  aif 
) const

Bind an implementation to the specified attribute type. This method can be called even before the specified attribute type is registered.

Definition at line 171 of file GA_AttributeType.h.

template<typename AIF_TYPE>
const AIF_TYPE* GA_AIFDefinition< AIF_TYPE >::get ( const GA_AttributeType type) const

Query the implementation for the specified attribute type. Default implementation specified during registration, if any, is returned if no implementation has been explicitly bound to this type.

Definition at line 178 of file GA_AttributeType.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<typename AIF_TYPE>
GA_AIFDefinition<AIF_TYPE> GA_AttributeType::registerAIF ( AIF_TYPE *  )

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