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GA_Detail::IOStatus Class Reference

#include <GA_Detail.h>

Public Member Functions

 IOStatus (bool success=false)
 IOStatus (const IOStatus &src)
 ~IOStatus ()
IOStatusoperator= (const IOStatus &src)
bool success () const
SYS_SAFE_BOOL operator bool () const
 bool operator More...
int gbstatus () const

Detailed Description

This class is used to return the status from I/O operations on a GA_Detail.

field3d/f3d_io.C, field3d/f3d_io.h, field3d/GEO_Field3DTranslator.C, and GEO/GEO_VoxelTranslator.C.

Definition at line 1962 of file GA_Detail.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GA_Detail::IOStatus::IOStatus ( bool  success = false)

Definition at line 1965 of file GA_Detail.h.

GA_Detail::IOStatus::IOStatus ( const IOStatus src)

Definition at line 1968 of file GA_Detail.h.

GA_Detail::IOStatus::~IOStatus ( )

Definition at line 1971 of file GA_Detail.h.

Member Function Documentation

int GA_Detail::IOStatus::gbstatus ( ) const

For backward compatibility in older code, you can query the status as an integer, 0 for success, less than zero for failure.

Definition at line 1989 of file GA_Detail.h.

SYS_SAFE_BOOL GA_Detail::IOStatus::operator bool ( ) const

bool operator

Definition at line 1985 of file GA_Detail.h.

IOStatus& GA_Detail::IOStatus::operator= ( const IOStatus src)

Definition at line 1973 of file GA_Detail.h.

bool GA_Detail::IOStatus::success ( ) const

Return a boolean for success or failure. true means success

packedshareddata/packedshareddata.C, packedsphere/packedsphere.C, and RAY/RAY_DemoFile.C.

Definition at line 1982 of file GA_Detail.h.

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